Using datamoshing to further glitch my classmates’ House of Leaves databent glitch.

The new/old director confusion is one manifestation of the mental state Pelafina is in while she is a resident of the Whalestoe Institute.  Instead of showing other manifestations, I wanted to represent the underlying mental state, and therefore datamoshed a screen recording of the previous glitch with an optical illusion video.  The sequence of a mental state resulting in a specific manifestation could also be represented in a reverse version of this gif, but (for me) the aesthetic appeal of datamoshing is always the surprise when the pixels of one video become controlled by the movements in another video.

#177 - Isolines #177 - Isolines #177 - Isolines
#176 - Reflections #176 - Reflections #176 - Reflections
#175 - Happy (almost) New Year
#174 - Bubby Glitch


damnedifyoudont asked:

hey!! what do you use for datamosh?


Hi thanks for the question!

I use avidemux to remove ‘i’ frames from video files as outlined in this series of videos:

You can also try the databending method, but it is a little less precise (in my experience).

#173 - Lil Bub #173 - Lil Bub #173 - Lil Bub
#172 - SantaOriginal Footage: Santa Parkour
#171 - JT
#170 - Faces Or Something Like It #170 - Faces Or Something Like It